Европейская Ассоциация Маджонга (ЕМА) приняла ревизию правил риичи-маджонга, которые вступят в силу с 1 апреля 2016 г. Окончательный текст правил будет опубликован позднее.

Основные изменения правил -- отмена акадор и закрытого таньяо, что существенно приближает данный вариант правил к другим популярным вариантам японских правил.

Цитата из официального сообщения от ЕМА (на английском языке):

The rules have been revised in order to avoid ambiguities and comply more closely with current Japanese riichi rules and the World Riichi Championship rules. The main changes since the 2012 edition are listed here:

• Red fives have been removed
• Tanyao (All Simples) can be an open hand
• Renho (Blessing of Man) is a mangan, not a yakuman
• Dai suushii (Big Four Winds) is a yakuman, not a double yakuman
• A hand with 13+ fan is scored as a sanbaiman, not a yakuman
• The 3 second timing rule is removed
• Swap-calling is not allowed
• Temporary furiten ends when the player draws or claims a tile
• Five counters implies two yaku: the rule is removed
• Abortive draws are removed
• Nagashi Mangan is removed
• Uma is changed to 15,000/5,000/-5,000/-15,000
• Chombo penalty in a tournament is 20,000 points deduction after uma
• Penalty rules are slightly more lenient in some cases

Differences to World Championship Rules 2015:

• Multiple winners are allowed
• 4-30 is not rounded to mangan payment
• Timing rules differ; EMA: pung takes predence over chow
• Riichi bets at game end go to the winner

Tina Christensen, European Mahjong Association, 2015


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