On November 17-18, 2012 the Moscow city will host the fourth Mahjong Championship of Russia. Two days of intense competition, 12 hours of playing time, dozens of skilled players which you probably have never met before, qualification by European Mahjong Association (2 MERS points), prizes and the title of the Champion of Russia — all of these await you this autumn. If you certainly do not want to miss it, register for the competition and win!


Four years have passed since the first Russian Open Mahjong Championship (October 2008). During these years both the organizers and participants gained considerable experience and learned from our European fellow players and organizers.

You can address any questions related to the Russian Open Championship to the organizing committee via email Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Responsible person: Aleksey Bolshakov, tel. +7 (926) 10-30-400.


All players wishing to participate in the tournament should go through registration procedure. For this purpose one should fill in the registration form on our website and pay registration fee in the amount of 40 EURO before the end of registration period. 

The registration is open September 13 till Novembber 13, 2012. The maximum number of players allowed is 60 persons. Hurry up to register!

To ensure due level of competition the Regulation of the tournament provides for obligatory qualification of the participants, which is not necessary, however, if you participated in the official tournaments of the Russian Mahjong Federation or EMA tournaments before. For more details about the qualification see point 3 of the Regulation.


The competition hall is the "Time-out" cafe located at the address Izmailovsky val, d.2, 2 minutes walk from "Semenovskaya" metro station.


The championship will be held in accordance with the Mahjong Competition Rules adopted by the World Mahjong Organization in edition of the year 2006 ("The Green Book") with clarifications given by EMA. In addition to these rules the Federation of Mahjong will elaborate and publish the Regulation of the Mahjong Championship of Russia 2012.

In view of international character of the competition we ask its participants to carefully read the rules and regulations of the tournament in the Green Book in order to avoid misunderstandings between players from different countries.


November 17, 2012. Saturday




Opening ceremony


1st session


Lunch break (1 hour 20 minutes)


2nd session


Small break (30 minutes)


3rd session

November 18, 2012. Sunday


4th session


Small break (30 minutes)


5th session


Lunch break (1 hour 20 minutes)


6th session


Technical break

18:20-18:50 Awards and closing ceremony
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