This document contains translations of essentials points only.

1. General


MCR approved by WMO with recommendations of MIL specifically for Duplicated Format Mahjong.


Official language of Championship is Russian.

Winner of the Championship

Winner of the Championship is determined based on:

  • Best weighted sum of Imps,
  • (when equal) best sum of Imps at the same Winв (vertical score),
  • (when equal) best score by the end of the previous session.

2. Timetable

February 06, 2016, Saturday

9:30 a.m – 7:45 p.m.

February 07, 2016, Sunday

9:15 a.m – 7:30 p.m.

6. Drawing Lots

Defining Groups

  • All 32 participants will be divided into 2 groups based on the ranking,
  • Within groups participants are drawing lots

Sessions 1-5

During sessions 1-5 participants will be played against each other within particular group so that:

  • Every player will meet exactly once with other 15 players – Horizontal seating,
  • Every player will compete exactly once against 15 player in terms of seating at the same Wind – Vertical scoring,
  • The same deals will be played in both groups,
  • Vertical scores though will be applied strictly with groups, so that Imps will be derived based on 4 scores in each group.

Final Session

  • Final Session seating will be based at sum of Imps earned by player during sessions 1-5,
  • Each players receives before the Final Session rounded up value of “Sum of Imps earned by player during sessions 1-5 decreased by 1/3”

8. Before the Play

  • Deal for playing will be prepared partly by staff, partly by players at their spare time (building wall and distributing tiles only),
  • Ready to play deals are transferred on so-called “carriers” (square green-colored field with wooden fixators separating tiles sets of different Winds). All necessary to play information about Dealer, Prevalent Wind, deal number etc. is displayed at carrier’s field,
  • The order in which deals are played is given by special schedule.

9. Playing Session

  • Each session consists strictly of 16 deals,
  • If the deal was played with errors in players’ seating then that deal can be replayed based on referee’s decision

12. Additional

The deal can be finished in two ways:

  • By declaring “Hu!” by one or more players,
  • By declaring draw (in this case the Last Tile of the deal is considered the tile after which it is impossible to draw tile from the Wall)


Please, note that tournament organizers plan to do film recording of the first two tables of the Final Session.

Appendix 1

The main changes of the MCR-Rules used at current Championship (in short):

  1. “Hu” from the Wall. Winner receives Hand_Value+24 pts., other players receive -8-( Hand_Value)/3 rounded.
    1. For instance, Hand_Value before when waiting is equal 9 pts.
    2. When winning on discard winner receives 9+24=33 pts., discarder receives -8-9=-17 pts., the rest receives -8 pts. each,
    3. When this hand is won from the Wall then Hand_Value=9+1=10 pts. Winner receives 24+10=34 pts., others receive -8-10/3=-12 (not 11!) pts.. Please, note that +34-12*3 is not zero.
  2. Multiple “Hu!” are allowed. Two (three) separate points calculations are carried out – discarder pays for all!
  3. Hand score is calculated in Imps (tabular deviation of scores from respective vertical average scores).
  4. Players ranking is based on [Weighted] Imps score.
  5. Playing set consists of 136 tiles.
  6. Session duration is limited by 16 deals but not by the timing.
  7. When draw tile from the wall player uses only their own Wall.
  8. Kong replacement tile is drawn from the right end of the player’s Wall.
  9. Fines and penalties:
    1. Being late.
    2. Progressive fine scale looks like warning, -1 Imp, -2, Imps, -4 Imps, -8 Imps, -16 Imps.
    3. False “Hu!”: -4 Imps (low-point with hand structure) and -8 Imps (no hand structure).
    4. Falsily opened tiles -- -4 Imps.
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